FKA Sinai, born Jermaine Morris, grew up in the projects of New Haven, Connecticut.  His mother was single raising him and his 2 older siblings for much of his childhood and she worked extremely hard to keep her children from the streets.  When Jermaine was 11, his mother remarried and moved the family to Virginia.  Because the family moved almost once a year, Jermaine struggled with a desire to be accepted by any new “friends.”  Like many youth lacking the love and acceptance of a strong father figure. Jermaine was protected from the street life in spite of his desire to be in it.  Years after nearly losing his life on three separate occasions, he began to realize that God had protected him throughout all of the bad experiences he had endured.  As God began to show Jermaine the gifts he gave him, God gave Jermaine a longing to reach others and show them a better way to live life.

FKA Sinai joined the Renaissance Movement Music family in 2014 and released his first EP, “Red Flag” in the fall of 2014.  He has opened for such national and international artists as Canton Jones, Tedashii, KB, Social Club, Christon Gray, Canon, Deraj and Aaron Cole.  He has also collaborated with such artists as Da’ T.R.U.T.H., Spec of Team Spechouse, Jered Sanders, Swift, Yankee B, and Sean Slaughter. He has also collaborated with Grammy Award Winner, Laquan Green who helped produced Cardi B’s, “Bodak Yellow”.

Sinai speaks to the hardships of everyday life.  He hopes to inspire people to overcome all obstacles through Jesus.  Lyrically, his punchlines, passion, and delivery highlight him as a stand out artist. His music is intense, energetic and uplifting. He has a very eclectic ear musically and his art is heavily influenced by other genres such as Reggae, Contemporary and pop.

In October, 2018 Sinai’s contract with Renaissance Music was fulfilled and he is now exploring being an indie artist. Jermaine’s passion is to continue to tour, preach the gospel internationally and make an impact in the audience God puts in front of him.

In 2022 Jermaine changed his artist name to “Sinai LeMor”. It was a way to express how for real he is with a mixture of his punch line heavy earlier music. It invites people to know the REAL Him. LeMor is a play of his middle and last name, Lee Morris.

He is currently working on releasing a new EP this year.